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Learn. STUDY. YIELD: A yield sign means that other drivers have the right of way—allow them to go before you proceed. Previous Next . Terms in this set (53) yield. RIGHT TURN/LEFT TURN ONLY: You’re only allowed to go the direction specified. Gravity. PLAY. Yield signs (MUTCD R1-2) are similar to stop signs, but used in less dangerous situations. Test. Created by. Action: Look out for other vehicles and yield to vehicles already in the circle or that will cross the The basic shapes and colors of traffic signs are important.You should know signs by their appearances so when driving you can recognize them at a distance even when visibility is poor. Two Way Traffic Symbol – this road sign informs drivers that the lane they are passing on is a two-way highway and vehicles are expected to come opposite to their current lane. View some of the most common standard sign shapes in Richard C. Moeur's Manual of Traffic Signs. you can camp here. slow down be ready to stop let others go first. Downward pointing arrows mean 'Get in lane'. Traffic Signs. sonialena TEACHER. Traffic Signal Ahead Sign – this road sign warns drivers of a traffic signal ahead and entails them to slow down. Flashcards. In other words, STOP! bicycles only. 2 curves in opposite directions are close to each other on the road ahead. there is an airport ahead. Ahead only. The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals is an international treaty designed to increase road safety and aid international road traffic by standardizing the signing system for road traffic (road signs, traffic lights, and road markings) in use internationally. Spell. Brief Glossary of Regulatory Signs. Official Meaning of Sign: There is a traffic circle up ahead.Unofficial Meaning of Sign to Us: OMG, circles are awesome and everywhere. Write. airport. Every color used on a sign has a meaning attached to it and tells the driver what to expect ahead. Traffic Signs. Let's do a circle right now! In United States, road signs can have: 10 different colors A supplementary Next km sign will let you know the distance of the winding road if it is more than 1km. Colors can tell you as much about the sign’s message as the entire sign itself. The left-hand lane leads to a different destination from the other lanes. A number of closely spaced curves to the left and right are ahead. The winding road can be up to 1km in length. crosswalk pedestrian crossing. If snow covers a sign, the shape can help you decide the most likely meaning of the sign. Sign Meaning; Winding road sign. Purpose: To warn you that there is a traffic circle ahead where they must expect to yield. Match. Let’s take a look at some common regulatory road signs and their meanings: STOP: Stop signs tell you when you must cease forward movement. Reverse curve signs. bike route. camping. Signs giving orders ... Signs with blue circles but no red border mostly give positive instruction. Streamlining the flow of traffic and effective communication with the traffic environment is possible with standard colors and shapes of signboards. Name: Yield at traffic circle (R2.2) Where: At traffic circles, particularly mini circles. Used at passive cross streets or traffic circles, yield signs help to keep traffic flowing, while still allowing drivers from different directions to pass through.

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