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Come join our community and feel free to edit. This cam… C'est une des gammes Lego les plus populaires. Nella serie LEGO Bionicle viene creato il film LEGO Bionicle - Le ombre del mistero. The Troop • Hey Dude • Club 57 • City has had many games since it was released. Butterbean's Café • Wow! "Okay, let’s see what that anvil really is! Wonder Park • nécessaire] Histoire. I Am Frankie • Check out the LEGO City Adventures special edition sets. Max & Shred • Natalia worked as a paramedic in M… He calls Natalia Kowalski, his former girlfriend, to make sure she is okay but is bitterly met by her due to Chase having revealed her identity during Rex's trial, for… The people who commit crime there state that its because of all the blue coins hidden everywhere. In de serie zitten typische sets rond de thema's politie, brandweer, medische hulpdiensten, bouw, diensten, luchthaven, treinen, et cetera. Drake & Josh • and the Chipmunks • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles • Nach der Aussetzung der Lego World City Serie 2004, wurde City 2005 das primäre Thema im LEGO System welches sich auf das Stadtleben bezog. There are numerous sets that are associated withConstruction,Police,Fire,Emergency,Train,Airport,Transportation,Cargo,Traffic,Coast … LEGO City Undercover is a City Video Game originally released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U on March 18, 2013 in the US and March 28, 2013 in Europe.On November 22, 2016, Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment announced that the game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April 4, 2017 and April 7, 2017 for Europe. Catscratch • LEGO City Undercover Wiki Guide. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Robot and Monster • Doug • • Tram Driver, Helicopter Pilot, Coffee Chain Saleswoman. Mixels • Holly Hobbie • 2008 wurden die letzten Exo-Force-Modelle produziert, da die Reihe als Fehlschlag angesehen wurde. The Mighty B! Again in 2014, City has seen the comeback of more civilian sets. Tak and the Power of Juju • Battle for Dream Island • The Owl House • Side Hustle • Backyardigans • Harvey Beaks • Die Serie war 2006 ein großer Erfolg und nach Lego City und Lego Star Wars die meistverkaufte Reihe. As seen from the back of some City sets' instruction booklets. • The Penguins of Madagascar • Catscratch • It represents the new Smart Cars that were invented. Welcome to the Wayne • Child, [réf. Go Away, Unicorn • Ed, Edd n Eddy • Use LEGO City Recovered to fix multi-threading performance problems. Clarissa Explains It All • Diver, In the level, the player must collect 1,000,000 Studs without using any extras. Phred on Your Head Show • ChalkZone • LazyTown • • Lucky Fred • LEGO City Adventures • Top Contributors: Chris Robertson, Pjhaan, MINSA20 + more. Oswald • El Tigre • 2007 kam aber ein Einbruch, weil nur die kleinen, billigeren Modelle verkauft werden konnten und die teureren Sets in den Läden blieben. The X's • T.U.F.F. There are numerous sets that are associated with Construction, Police, Fire, Emergency, Train, Airport, Transportation, Cargo, Traffic, Coast Guard, Farm, Great Vehicles, Mining, and Space. Santiago of the Seas • • Lego City is a dangerous city where the sad lives of the Lego people live, Some say some Robloxianslive there as well. Corn & Peg • Chase McCain, a cop sent away from LEGO City two years prior to the events of the game, returns under pleading from Mayor Gleeson, as the city is in the grip of a crime wave, one she believes Rex Fury, who has escaped from Albatross Prison, to be behind. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Rocket Power • Lego (/ ˈ l ɛ ɡ oʊ / LEG-oh, Danish: ; stylised as LEGO) is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.The company's flagship product, Lego, consists of variously coloured interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears, figurines called minifigures, and various other parts. The toy line was launched in 2005 with a slight logo redesign in 2015. Zoey 101. Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Loud House • Criminal, Star vs. the Forces of Evil • It contains a small car and a minifigure with a hoodie design and a suitcase. Robot and Monster • In the summer of 2013, the Coast Guard and Cargo sub-themes were brought back. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power • LEGO City Wiki is a wiki all about LEGO City! During events chronicles in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Natalia was a news reporter, who later provided evidence that helped catch Rex Fury. The LEGO City Undercover games are sandbox-style action adventure games set in LEGO City.They follow the adventures of policeman Chase McCain as he tracks down criminal Rex Fury and puts an end to a crime-wave. 2007: La società inserisce sul mercato le nuove serie LEGO Mars Mission. LEGO City Adventures was a TV Series released in 2019 on Nickelodeon. It is one of the largest in America, with a population totalling over 8 and a half milllion people. Jack's Big Music Show • WITS Academy • Lego City is the capital of Legoland. 2005–present Puppy • Two years later, Fury escaped from Albatross Prisonand McCain returned to LEGO City to make sure Natalia was safe, and to catch the fugitive. This is an online encyclopedia for Lego City Adventures, anyone is free to edit. LEGO City je jeden z produktů společnosti LEGO Group, který se začal prodávat v roce 1978 původně pod názvem Lego town, později pod názvy LegoLand a World City.Jde o několik samostatně zakoupitelných dětských stavebnic lega (hasičská zbrojnice, policejní stanice, městské nároží, nádraží, letiště, benzínová pumpa apod. CGI Animated LEGO City Aerial View. Hotel Transylvania: The Series • It is now retired. Wonder Pets! The Wild Thornberrys • The exact date is unknown, as multiple documents suggest different dates of founding. Doug • Puppy • Skaters (2), Wander Over Yonder • Nasce la serie LEGO City. Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger war es jedoch nicht auf Sets mit Rettungsdiensten wie Polizei, Feuerwehr und/oder Küstenwache beschränkt, sondern führte auch die ersten neuen Baustellen-Sets seit der Einstellung von City Center 2000 ein. This campaign/game was also tied into a My LEGO Network The Robot Chronicles campaign- playing the game earned rewards in MLN which could be used in that campaign to eventually get the Key to LEGO City. Star Falls • Glitch Techs • Fanboy & Chum Chum • Page Tools. Every Witch Way • Chase McCain is also part of the LEGO City Police Force and has a love interest known as Natalia Kowalski. The players can earn studs on the level by destroying various objects, riding various vehicles to make hidden studs appear, or by completing other challenges, such as building a giant LEGO logo. Postman, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn • Last Edited: 23 Nov 2016 1:10 am. LEGO City è una serie LEGO che comprende diversi set incentrati su edifici tipici di una città, compresi i servizi di emergenza, aeroporti e siti di costruzione. KaBlam! Bunsen Is a Beast • Chase McCain is the main character and protagonist in the video games LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. Edit (Classic) It contains a small car and a minifigure with a hoodie design and a suitcase. - 3177 Small Car is a 2010 set. For detailed information about this series, see: Lego Town and Lego City at Brickipedia LEGO City, originally known as (and also currently alernatively known as) LEGO Town is a series of construction toys by LEGO, consisting in playsets with a modern, mostly urban settings, also divided in many sub-themes. 1 Description 2 Background 3 Alternates 4 Appearances 5 Abilities 6 Trivia 7 Quotes 8 Gallery Chase McCain's torso is light blue with a printing … Hanazuki: Full of Treasures • Danny Phantom • Sanjay and Craig • Subthemes Paradise Run • Nickelodeon • Nick Jr. Puppies • School of Rock • Winx Club • Knight Squad • City City has had many games since it was released. Duke Detain • Percival Wheeler • Tom Bennett • Sam Grizzled • Rooky Partnur • Allen Koenigsberg • Tommy • Gracie Goodhart, LEGO® City Adventures Season 2 Official Trailer. Rocko's Modern Life • It dates to 1969 when, after just selling boxes or buckets full of bricks and other parts, Lego introduced a bungalow kit. These releases expanded City to a scope only comparable to the original Town theme, and in 2009 it even went slightly beyond that, by introducing the first farm-related System sets. ALVINNN!!! LEGO City Undercover Wiki Guide. Fanboy & Chum Chum • As Told by Ginger • Il dispose de nombreux sous-thèmes. Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own • Dora the Explorer • Make It Pop • Lumberjack, Rabbids Invasion • Blaze and the Monster Machines • Lip Sync Battle Shorties • Pinky Malinky • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs • 1 Official Description 1.1 LFChE Description 2 Fun Facts 3 Gallery Build a hip hangout for the LEGO Friends with a side of fresh-baked fun! Altri progetti contiene immagini o altri file su ; Collegamenti esterni. This forced Natalia to enter witness protection, and McCain was transferred out of LEGO City. Hunter Street • Milo Murphy's Law • Mayor Gleeson entrusts Chase to find him and bring him to justice like he had done two years prior. Villainous • Scooby Doo! The Other Kingdom • Welcome to the LEGO City Undercover Wiki. Fred: The Show • Lego City is a Lego theme that consist of vehicles and objects usually found in cities. Big City Greens • On the streets are buses that drive around regularly, and many parked cars along the sidewalks. Mirror Promotional Cardboard Storage Box - City Yellow, LEGO Power Functions Train Accessories Pack, Backpack and Pencil Case Set, LEGO City Police, People Pack - Space Research and Development, Luggage Construction City Nights Classic Backpack, Luggage Fire City Nights Classic Backpack, https://brickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/City?oldid=2015757. Sam & Cat • On the first, it showed a code, from which arrows fan out, pointing at a DS with the game, a computer … We Bare Bears • My Life as a Teenage Robot • 101 Dalmatian Street • Ren & Stimpy • This walkthrough is broken up into 15 sections, each with its own sub-section. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide • 1 Official Description 2 Fun Facts 3 Gallery 4 Product Animation Video Kids can learn the value of caring for others while role-playing as a doctor, ambulance driver or patient with this LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Hospital toy playset (41394). Welcome to LEGO City. • Sanitary Engineer, However, unlike its predecessor, it was not limited to sets involving rescue services like Police, Fire or Coast Guard, but also introduced the first new construction site related sets since the discontinuation of City Center in 2000. Bunsen is a Beast • Unikitty • Shimmer and Shine • Key points. The user can create his/her own LEGO City Police comic easily with this. European catalogs featured another theme called City in the years 1999 to 2000, which was referred to as City Center in American catalogs. Big Time Rush • Heartlake City Hospital is a set released in the winter of 2020. Years Dude Perfect Show • City CenterWorld CityTown Jr. City is the thematic title under which most Town-related System sets were released from 2005 and onward. Exchange City; Use the Maelstrom Hammer on the red glowing anvil in Nimbus Plaza, Quick Build it and interact with the device to get Faction Tokens. See Online Game for a list. PAW Patrol • • LEGO City was an area and a level in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Blue's Clues • Smash the anvil with your Maelstrom Hammer, rebuild it and then interact with whatever you create!" Reports indicate PC port to have multiple optimisation issues and game breaking bugs. Brickipedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Wubbzy! Cousins for Life • In the picture on the LEGO Shop there is a glitch where by you can see a LEGO Minifigure hand is in the car. About the LEGO City Undercover Series . Initially designed as a pure city themed world, it soon evolved into a melting pot of various LEGO themes, before taking on more of a high-tech style later in development. Wayside • • Lego City Undercover is a singleplayer and multiplayer cinematic camera and third-person action, adventure and open world game in the Lego series. Wow! Every citizen will assemble together … Gravity Falls • In 2006, the first new airport set that included the first Jetway since 6597 Century Skyway (1994) was released, as well as the first new hospital since 6380 Emergency Treatment Center from 1987. Among the buildings in the city are the Kiddie Arcade, Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts, Concert Hall, Ninjago Museum of History, Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, and, in the … Click here to sign in and start editing! The Penguins of Madagascar / All Hail King Julien, https://legocityadventures.fandom.com/wiki/Home?oldid=9803. Wendell & Vinnie • Breadwinners • The third season of Lego City Adventures, this season was released premiere on Canada1. LEGO City Undercover 2 is a game developed by TT Games and Super Leaf Studios and Published by Nintendo. Within the city are small shops, lively subway systems, small arcades, schools, large banks, parks, cafes, and a vast sewer system. Two LEGO City video games, LEGO City Undercover and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins were released in 2013, with the latter being a prequel to the former. This is the wiki for the LEGO City Undercover Series of games that anyone can edit. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles • Official Plot Summary. Fresh Beat Band of Spies • Hey Arnold! Bunnicula • Welcome to the Wayne, 100 Things to Do Before High School • Lalaloopsy • Go!Go!Go! Peppa Pig • In 2011 City re-introduced the Space sub-theme along with some new Harbor sets. Mystery Incorporated • LEGO City is een serie van LEGO-sets rond het thema stad. T.U.F.F. Kids' Choice Awards • Kung Fu Panda • 1974 saw the arrival of the first primitive minifigs with molded-on arms, one-piece leg parts, and no faces printed on the heads. After World City's discontinuation in 2004, City was released as System's primary town-life related theme in 2005. • Welcome to the IGN Wiki Walkthrough for Lego City Undercover! In the first wave of 2012, City had forest police and fire sets as well as more commercial/civilian sets. Snowboarder Kid, Grandma, Coast Guard Member (x2), Captain/Driver, Female Coast Guard Member, Diver, Octopus, Female Coast Guard Member, Male Coast Guard Member (x2), Kayaker, Shark, Coast Guard Shipmate (x3), Coast Guard Helicopter Crewmate (x2), Coast Guard Headquarters Crewmate, Sailor, Shark, Octopus, Office Worker, Cargo Center Worker (x2), Truck Driver, Arctic Photographer, Snowmobile Driver, Arctic Explorer, Arctic Pilot, Driver, Expedition Leader, Arctic Explorer, 4 Orange Construction Workers, 4 Blue Mechanics, 4 Black Policeman, 4 Red Race Car Drivers. Unfortunately, Chase McCain accidentally revealed Natalia’s identity live on national TV. The Haunted Hathaways • If you want to contribute to the LEGO City Adventures Wiki, you must sign in and must 13 years old or older. New As Told by Ginger • The Amazing World of Gumball • In 2010 City released more civilian sets including 8403 Family House and 8404 Public Transport. CatDog • Camp Lazlo • Avatar • page 420 ARTICLES | image 3,293 FILES | edit 10,046 TOTAL EDITS | users 10 ACTIVE USERS. Lego City is a sub-theme in Lego Worlds 1 Description 2 In Game 2.1 Characters 2.2 Creatures 2.3 Vehicles 2.4 Brick Builds From Brickipedia: Cityis the thematic title under which mostTown-relatedSystemsets were released from2005and onward. Invader ZIM • “Lego” remained the same, but “City… Supah Ninjas • It's Pony • Bubble Guppies • Tyler Perry's Young Dylan • Henry Danger • Figure It Out • All That • Sunny Day • Craig of the Creek • Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty • Olivia • Le thème de Lego consacrée à la ville a changé de nombreuses fois de … As you will notice at the end of the trailer below, it shows the main character (Chase McCain) build a green pipe out of LEGO bricks and descends into it in reference to the Super Mario series. See Online Game for a list.One in particular, The Robot Chronicles, was a cross-over game which saw the City, Racers, and Agents 2.0 all together in Lego City, where the player controlled and unlocked vehicles in each theme to play through a campaign. Fireman, The Fairly OddParents! The Naked Brothers Band • Kenan & Kel • Alvin and the Chipmunks • LEGO City was founded in the late 19th century. Barnyard • The Loud House • LEGO City is a hub for buisiness, tourism, and shopping. Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures • Lego City Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It’s time for a fun day of driving around LEGO CITY! Legoland Town City World City is the longest-running LEGO theme of all. Go, Diego, Go! LEGO City is a megacity city located on the coastal Florida/Georgia border. Jimmy Neutron • Ollie's Pack • All Grown Up! Chef, Since anyone can edit this wiki, please help to make this the best LEGO City resource on the web! Its newest subtheme is Demolition as of 2015. Related themes Lego City est le nom actuel de la gamme thématique Lego sur la ville, qui prend la suite de Lego World City et de Lego Town. • AirportArcticCargoCoast GuardDeep Sea ExplorersConstructionDemolitionEmergencyFarmFireGreat VehiclesMiningPoliceSwamp PoliceTrainTrafficTransportationSpaceHarborForest Phineas and Ferb • Pig Goat Banana Cricket • Talia in the Kitchen • Victorious • Nexus City was a concept for a world that would have surrounded Nexus Tower.Nexus City is one of the first worlds designed for LEGO Universe, with concepts of it dating back to 2007 and likely earlier. The second wave of 2012 featured the introduction of the Mining theme and respective sets, as well as a hospital. The advertisement took up two pages. 2006: Nasce la nuova unità per il LEGO Mindstorms, l'nxt completamente nuova assieme ai suoi pezzi LEGO Technic. 3177 Small Car is a 2010 set. Police Officer, Aaahh!!! Life with Boys • On December 23 2010, LEGO released the LEGO Comic Builder on the LEGO City website. Los Casagrandes • Also, in that year, City followed this route to release more truly civilian town life sets such as 7641 City Corner and 7639 Camper. Rugrats • Danger Force • One Year after the arrest of Rex Fury, Chase McCain has been promoted to senior officer. Oobi • Chowder • Feel free to join our community on Discord. How to Rock • City Park Café is a set released in January 2012. • Train Worker. A modern metropolis filled with the fiercest firefighters, the cream of the crop cops, and so many BLOCKHEADS. City est un thème introduit en 2005. The Thundermans • Chef. House of Anubis • One in particular, The Robot Chronicles, was a cross-over game which saw the City, Racers, and Agents 2.0 all together in Lego City, where the player controlled and unlocked vehicles in each theme to play through a campaign. Daarnaast zijn er vele thema's die eens in de zoveel jaar wijzigen. It is the sequel to the 2013 Wii U Game LEGO City Undercover, and is set one year after the events of the first game. Angry Beavers • 2006 wurde das erste neue Flughafen-Set, das die erste Landebahn seit dem Set 6597 von 1994 einschloss veröffentlicht, sow… True Jackson, VP • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bella and the Bulldogs • Lego City (Town) obok Lego Space i Lego Castle jest liczona jako jedna z trzech klasycznych serii Lego. • Marvin Marvin • Click the picture for more episode details. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack • • In the winter of 2013, Police and Fire sets were once again focused on, but on the contrary to those released in the previous year, they were set in the city. The Penguins of Madagascar / All Hail King Julien • Ride • Game Shakers • BrainSurge • Real Monsters • Old The Bureau of Magical Things • Lego City (Lego Town 1978-2002, Lego World City 2003-2004) – seria klocków produkowana przez Lego, której tematem jest szeroko pojęte życie miejskie.Pierwszy raz temat Lego miasta pojawia się w 1972 roku. SpongeBob SquarePants • Ninjago City is comprised of many skyscrapers, featuring billboards for advertising businesses. Hey Arnold! Amphibia • The population is OVER 9000. Harvey Beaks • Nella the Princess Knight • The Upside Down Show • This game was first mentioned in The Brick 2009, where it was said, "LEGO City Stories will have a more loose central story that will encourage the player to explore a wider variety of side stories and challenges".The game was then advertised at the back of LEGO set instructions from 2011 City sets. H2O: Just Add Water! In this city, crime occurs everywhere. Middlemost Post •

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