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Jennifer Venville Nicol Vancouver, Canada (29/08/2004). Maurice James Christopher Cole (25 December 1944 – 4 April 1995), better known as Kenny Everett, was a British comedian, radio disc jockey and television presenter.After spells on pirate radio and Radio Luxembourg in the mid-1960s, he was one of the first DJs to join BBC radio's newly-created BBC Radio 1 in 1967. Thanks for all music you played!!! Alan Jarvie I have contact with Benny Brown and with Kid Jensen. Gerkesklooster - NL (26/07/2008). uitzending van Radio Luxemburg te luisteren. How exciting to find your website. Cleveland, Oh, USA (02/10/2009). 590. I think I remember Barry Alldis presenting top 20 show on the BBC 288. hallo, toen ik 10 jr was zat ik altijd met mijn transistorradio,tje onder de dekens naar radio-luxambourg te luisteren,jullie waren toen fantasties 615. I was also a big fan of Radio Luxembourg, from about 1957 until the 70s. That chance discovery led to many happy nights listening to R.L. That is the time Radio Luxembourg should retake to the air as a pioneer for it's owners. See nr. Louisville, Kentucky, USA (20/12/2001). Nothing but the best. I have always loved radio, as you will discover of you look at my new website: 672. I have had many happy hours on the radio since. Regards Do you have any info in this? Radio Luxembourg Memories, Luksemburg – dengarkan radio online kualitas tinggi gratis di OnlineRadioBox.com atau di ponsel pintar Anda. Hallo, thanks for your RL-Site. With the Hallicrafters and a random-length wire aerial I was able to pull in NHK (Japan), Radio Brazzaville, Radio Tangier (a now-defunct religious broadcaster) and HCJB (still a religious broadcaster), and WRUL (the only non-government shortwave broadcaster in the US), and of course the Voice of America. Jan Smedes Antony e.t.c. Won 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' and two other singles on the (Decca) American 'Hot Ten'circa 60/61. Eric Hallberg 350. 553. If you've got any more full shows (maybe from the 80s) it'd be great Now when I passed my 50:s I more often think back and warmly remember those evenings listening to "my" music on "the station of the nation 208". Pär Nyberg 589. It was in September 1961 (I was fourteen years old) that Leicester, United Kingdom (05/11/2011). McLean, Virginia, USA (02/03/2005). Gerrit Since nostalgia is in and more people seem to listen again to MW in Germany, who knows, the English service may return one day. Dick Vonk I was listening 208 many nights in the 60s and 70s while living in Moscow, USSR Komarno, Slowakia (26/10/2009). Hi Brian, I have started a to write a play that harks back to the fifties. Llandovery, Wales, UK (09/09/2003). Nice pages.... these get good memories in my mind.I was a DX listener and my favourite radio station was "208" there I listened good music. I start to listen to mw 208 after 22.00 gmt (24/00 in 64. I was with the station throughout the '70's as Managing Director and had the privilege of working with a great team of highly talented enthusiasts. I was a dedicated Radio Lux listener from approx 1958 (at night under the blanket 14 years old!). and I wll come back later with listening reports! Un afecto grande desde estos lejanos lugares. At night I used to steal my mother's little plastic AM radio, the type with the small simple tuning control the same size as the volume control and then try and tune in Radio Luxembourg 1440khz. Gigs at the Pavilion, the youth club at the Tec, waiting for me after school - and loads and loads of records at your house. To mark beginning and the end of the commercials they had placed small paper Christophe Debray 816. Donald Campbell You know the older you get, the more you need for walking down "memory lane". (See also reaction nr. Producer, London (22/9/1999). He made a great start on Radio Caroline, which he joined in 1964, followed by a shrewd move to Radio London in 1966. En wat betekende indertijd het noemen van een letter uit het alfabet met een daarbijhorend getal? Gut dass es euch wieder gibt. Oh, I am still looking for a song. I just wanne invide you to take a look at it: 39. Hartlepool,England (02/09/2010). 379. 19 (6) A Song Of Joy (Miguel Rios) Can anybody tell me what the title is of that wonderful song by a lady-singer, which was played on Radio Luxembourg at the end of their transmissions each night, starting with the lyrics (I think): "Maybe the morning..." etc.? Best regards, You should have a sound clip of big Jimmy saying "Now then, now then!" Its also fab 2C the 208 reunion photos, cheers! Just stumbled on it as I am researching Thank Your Lucky Stars, on which many d.j. begonnen hat alles 1961 im januar. Hi!Many thanks for this webpage! Thanks!! later met Zaki, Mike Verdrengh, Peter van Dam, Frans van der Drift enz. If you´re looking for original vinyl records who appeared in RL Top Twenty. What a fab station 208 was.I grew up with the station of the stars.Wish you could whisk me back to those great 208 days.Miss you all, PAIMPOL, France (14/05/2010). For some reason "Lets have a look and see if there are any Luxy web sites out there" pops into my head. 186. Ik ging RL beluisteren op mijn I visited Tony Prince in the UK studios long time ago and got a cassette recording of the top 40. I'm making a cd with all these wonderful tunes, and I need the theme to be track one. was from midnight till one o' clock. Latvia (27/04/002). RLI208 fut la radio par laquelle je decouvrais la popmusic quand j'avais 14 ans(1968), je fus un auditeur assez fidéle jusqu'aux derniéres heures d'emissions, c'est avec beaucoup d'émotions que je parcours ce site. Mike Bondy 253. Oh how I loved 208!! it always sounded fun and thats whats missing from todays radio. Jeff Egginton I remember around 1989 or 1990 period 661. 571. Koos de Ruijter Bishop Auckland England (09/12/2005). at that time. Paul having a cool fag then "wild and woolly and wonderful" and the legend that is Barry Alldiss. eens tevergeefs een antwoord heb pogen te krijgen. es empfangen) einzuleiten??? Complimenti e grazie per avere fatto questo When you are on the page, just click on Mr. DJ. Francis Saliba Ruud Westbroek 696. Tore Vik 4 Snow coach Russ Conway Columbia Kenny Owen Cheers! by the time we heard it. 368. 562. Much time has passed, but the emotions experienced with Radio Luxembourg, they are still alive and rooted in our minds. Thank You very much. Radio Luxembourg brought people freedom. Ian Brighton, UK (22/10/2011). Then there were of course the Ovaltinies. Luxembourg (24/12/2005). And I'll never forget that week when the Beatles had 2 singles, an EP and a LP in the Top 10. I was born in 1946 and almost every night (since '59 till '66) I listened to 208 or I remember imagining the RL studios as luxurious, state-of-the-art palaces... to see your pics of the low-tech closet they worked in teaches me a lesson that it's about the talent, not the tech! When I was growing up as an American teenager in Paris I would always listen to Radio Luxembourg as in 1968 it was very difficult to here any good radio in English - hope your back on the air soon. Keep up the good work. England (21/07/2002). TNX. Regards Came across your website by accident looking for Paul Hollingdale. Wexford, Ireland (04/03/2002). Best station i ever listened to sadly missed by me and friends heard it on sky but it was not the same. Brian Matthews (picture caption) should be Brian Matthew I use to listen to 208 in the 60s till it closed down in 1991 vry often. Oslo, Norway (14/06/2010). Especially as I was struggling with only basic French at the time. Luxemburg was something special. Best regards, 572. Thor Kise Greetings 597. 57. Fabio Monego John (Tony Blackburn) Haverhoek Mike Knight 753. 352. Thanks Dick, and thanks too, to Radio Luxembourg, the great "208", and the "station of the stars". I did not believe it was really Luxembourg station. Along with the midweek show "Street Sounds" on Radio Clyde and "The John Peel Show" on BBC Radio 1, Street Heat was essential listening for every teenage punk fan! All were sufficient to tune in Radio Luxembourg after dark--and this was my introduction to Rock'n'Roll! I am writing in the hope you might be able to help me obtain CD's or tapes of Radio Luxembourg 4 (8) 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago) Michael Jay I was also thrilled to see a message from an old favourite of mine who I have been trying to track down for years,Carol Deene.I have spent the last 5 years tracking down all my favourite stars from my youth and she has been the hardest one to find on my list.I would dearly love a signed photo if you're looking in Carol, thanks for the memories. Portencross (13/02/2001). I was a luxemburg listener from the late 70s untill 1990 Leo te Braake (10/01/1998). Luxembourg at night. 371. Enjoy. Stanislav Pozarek Cupar Fife, Scotland (04/12/2010). Used to love listening to Gracie Fields on Radio Lux. Great site. Good Luck! Thank you DJ-guys for making the evenings happy. I was a regular listener to AFN Munich from 1947 to 1958. London, UK (04/01/2010). 726. Thanks for bringing it back! Luxemburg Waltz Frank Chacksfield). Great site. I also enjoyed listening to AFN and, later, the "pirates". England (17/01/2004). What a wonderful site, brought me loads of memories... European broadcast is what it is today thanks to Caroline and Luxembourg. Essen, Germany (23/07/2012), 845. Thank you very much indeed to radio Luxembourg for the so many wonderful hours spent on your tune in the late seventies! Norfolk, United States (27/01/2010). It was a great sound of home. The hours I spent listening to 208 under the bedclothes on my first tranny, A bright red Ultra Globetrotter. Tom Tass :) 617. As many who already left a message here, about AM POP radiostations. Many, Many times I woke up to hear "At The End Of The Day" playing in the headphones.. Bob Walker Is it Much saddened. What a wonderful side you got. Loved your site..I am an aircheck collector, Broadcaster, etc..39 years old, grew up in UK; listened to 208! Purmerend, Holland (29/11/1999). In the mean time the engineer was sitting at the window; kissing his girlfriend. song in my next book, but without the artist's name, I cannot find the Gracias. to bring back the memoris agin thanks to old 208 and you for a great site. "thank you for the music" 347. Heel tof zou het zijn nog eens geluidbestanden van toen te kunnen beluisteren. To play as much records as possible in half an hour they played only the first two Allen Keefer Degerfors, Sweden (12/10/2009). Thanks. Willie Reid Mirko Wiolicki Alexey 604. 298. Pietrek Your site is Fab!! I remember hearing this beautiful melody(luxembourg waltz) flowing from the wireless and it stuck with me.I would havw being about 7. 729. Robert Would love to know what it was. 432. 390. I remember the studio being on the first floor. Hungary, Budapest (22/11/2007). Ich bin mit euch luxy 208 musicalisch gross geworden. 2. I auditioned for 208 as a presenter in 1987 but sadly never got the job I finished up on Caroline instead.I think I was interviewed by Richard Swainson in Hertford St London. Wow,brought a tear to my eye listening to your clips.Shaw Taylor lives down the road and i didnt realise he was a grand duchy man!I particularly remember listening to Nathan Jones late at night fading in and out.Bring back The Great 208 yee ha!! The only contact that I had with the English language in those days was through radio Luxemburg that I tuned into every night till the late eighties. God bless you, Barry! radio station in the 80s. Why do they take so long to do the obvious?! 542. Pretty sure he used the surname Williams when he was on Lux, photos and / or sound files would be greatly appreciated!!! important too; with the power of 600 Kilowatt (1968: 1200 Kilowatt). I also am a bid fan of Radio Lux. Oslo, Norway (27/05/2006). wonder if that is possible? Pat Lennon Once again congrats! I heard that he went back to civilian life and worked at Radio Luxembourg. Many nights I took an old headphone to listen to the program Mar 12, 2021 - The two land base commercial radio stations beaming their signal mainly at UK and working hand in hand. I was age 18 then and RL was about all the decent music available then - a real lifesaver. Please download one of our supported browsers. best regs and good luck with maintaining your site. Absolutely brilliant website. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. In the early '60's there was nothing like it anywhere. Geweldige site, fantastisch!! I've just spent the last hour playing the 1962 top 20 to my wife over the Great to relive the memories from the early 1970s when stationed with the Great US Army in Germany. Luxy always was and will be my fave station, so its wonderful to find this. My Mum was worried that I might marry you!!! Stropkov, Slovakia (26/09/2005). Tim Airey, Calgary AB Canada (20/10/2003). The Radio was my very good friend. I truly appreciate your site. Hinckley, UK (12/09/2012). Rolf Pedersen Due to the broadcasting I brushed my English, and I imagine your overall achievement is greatly unknown, which concerns being mass media available and reachable over many frontiers. Radio Luxemburg, "the great 208", Marnach, LU: In 1965 wurde die Sendeleistung der Mittelwelle-Sender auf 600 kW erhöht und in 1968 bis 1200 kW, und war damit der weltweit stärkster Sender in Privatbesitz. GerdRammes Radio Luxemburg is radio I listened when I was young. 392. Hermann Lessing Habe bei BFBS dem Tommy Vance regelmäßig gehört und liebe Radio über alles. This website is fantastic! radio luxemburg. It was so great, it really added a lot to my first visit to Europe. 693. Liverpool, England (02/12/2011). I had many a late night fallling asleep to the sound of 208. I remember a friend and I phoning up Thanx mainly to a good pal of mine at the time, former RTL Jock ' Tony Kaye'. Best regards, Today, Radio lives on, in the car and in the workplace as background noise or something to kill time to. 493. anyhow, I was lucky, I had a choice of FM stations to listen to, but luxy was kind of exoctic, so I insisted on bending my ear, to listen to it! Luis Osuna I am happy it will come back. Bingo Show. Can you imagine how we listened to R Lux here in the mid '60s? 18. O. Babka Any more top 20 shows coming up - from 61 for instance? In m'n tienerjaren was Radio Luxemburg het einde voor me! since 1964 and till the station closed down on 208 meters mediumwave. I'm searching for After the death of Jim Reeves on 31th July 1964 Luxemburg did some great Jim Reeves Specials in August and September 1964 which was really interesting. Thanks for the great memories. For the first time I saw the start of the English Service at 20.00 hours (19.00 hours wintertime in England); with in meinen memorys schwelgen, aber es wäre wohl für die meisten zu langweilig. Great experience. Hello from Florida, Well-well. In the summer of 1963, RL played a song with a lyric line of "come on be my girl" every night. denn ich bin immer noch auf der band waar ook veel van Radio Luxemburg op staat. Caversham, England (04/04/2003). When Stuart Henry (with his own headphone) was presenting a programme I saw Barry Alldis (46) coming into the studio. As an American boy living in France 1957 -1962 (I am 55 now) I listened to Radio Lux and even tried to dance to it at the community center in Fourquex (near St Germain en Laye) a few times. You have a bunch of photo's ( i'm 56 years old today ) The programme has a very relaxed, nostalgic style. 650. Gone but never forgotten. There is still good stuff on the radio today but nothing to compare with the thrill of listening in the 50s and 60s. 546. He froze and did nothing. (10/4/1999). Great memories ,i am working doing gold shows on Radio Cumbria. I never met anybody who won on the football pools thanks to Horace Batchelor but I can still spell K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M ! our offices where just across the road. 134. Joao Porto Best wishes to all who listened and to any of my fellow workmates who may read this. Denis Cure when transmission conditions would allow Blackpool, England, UK (11/04/2010), 763. Therefor it would be fun to get a hold of Benny Brown.

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