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You'll find mention of Numerology, Nikolai Tesla, Atlantis, Theosophy, and all kinds of stuff. People like to fudge numbers when it supports their claims. Other than being popular tourist attractions and ancient monuments that we don’t quite understand, they both have a geometric relation to 432, as do many other such sites like Sri Yantra. For instance, in the Bible, we can use the ages of the ten patriarchs between Adam and Noah, along with Noah’s age at the time of the Great Flood, to find that the flood came after 1,656 years. It all boils down to the idea these vibrations are a built in part of the universe, much like the other laws of physics are. So the last thing the "elites" want is for this truth of the solfeggio frequencies to get attached to Pythagoras, because then we might all take it serious. It enhances the immune system, by balancing the energy flow in the lower chakras Pythagoras was messing with sacred geometry and all the stuff Socrates and our current physicists would be playing with well before any of them were even alive. A couple influential people had preferences and boom the switch was made. Could 432 Hz bring light to your life: less anxiety, emotional healing, greater intuition. The relationship between our planet and this frequency is very interesting. If you attempt to decipher the reasoning behind all of this, you'll get lost in a ton of references and concepts that almost require a Ph.D in New Age philosophy. This means that in the base octave, the note A should be tuned to 440 Hz as the universal standard. 11 is a popular song by Healing frequency music | Create your own TikTok videos with the 285 Hz Healing Regeneration Music Heals Tissues Healing Music, Pt. vs 12-TET A4=440HzUT - 396 Hz vs DO - 523.251 Hz - (C5)RE - 417 Hz vs RE - 587.330 Hz - (D5)MI - 528 Hz vs MI - 659.255 Hz - (E5)FA - 639 Hz vs FA - 698.456 Hz - (F5)SOL - 741 Hz vs SO - 783.991 Hz - (G5)LA - 852 Hz vs LA - 880.000 Hz - (A5). Healing Benefits of Music tuned to 432 Hz. For instance, we find phi both in the spiral of our inner ear or cochlea, as well as in the spiral of the DNA double helix. But we, among many other musicians and scientists advocate that it should be A = 432 Hz.Well, it turns out that the additional 8 Hz difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz is a lot more significant than it would seem at first glance.In fact, 8 Hz is at the root of 432 Hz, literally (in terms of music).If we start at 8 Hz, then raise the pitch by five octaves, we co… It can lower stress and anxiety, blood pressure and heartbeat, which can help us all improve our health. Here's the accepted accurate translation: So that your servants may, with loosened voices, resound the wonders of your deeds, clean the guilt from our stained lips, O Saint John. The image also shows the older neume notation system: Fast forward to 500 hundred years later... Giovanni Battista Doni decides he doesn't like "Ut" and changes it to "Do" and that "Sancte Iohannes" should be "Si", a seventh note in the scale. You never know and that's what makes it so fun to contemplate. In essence, 432 Hz music would calm the mind with a sense of well-being and ease. 4. 432Hz music is softer and brighter, and is said to provide greater clarity, and is easier on the ears. 8 Hz is aligned with our very existence and intrinsically connected to 432 Hz. 35% off everything in store. Additionally, if we tune with the Twelve Fifths Tuning, discovered by the late classical pianist and tuner Maria Renold, and musical mathematician Grammateus, we find even greater mathematical and geometric synergy in the 432 Hz scale. Another example of 432’s geometric significance come from John Stuart Reid’s experiments with his CymaScope. Although they didn't invent this shift away from A-444, they employed it after learning all about the subconscious and how to use propaganda from Sigmund Freud. 432 Hz is in alignment with the frequency, “the heartbeat”, of our planet. Now, it's not that the seven note scale (or octave when you loop back to the root) was invented then. No single frequency is repairing our DNA, though. See more ideas about healing frequencies, sound healing, meditation music. 285 Hz Frequency Music Benefits 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is known for its tissue healing benefits and balancing lower chakras. This is how everyone does it now, thanks to the meeting the Pope had with Guido and the ultimate intervention by Giovanni Battista Doni. But later on three lower tones were added to make the Solfeggio 9 tones in total derived from numerology. Scientist and medical doctor, Dr. Andrija Puharich, studied healers from different cultures, and faiths around the world and found that their brain waves tended to resonate at 8 Hz. No content on this site may be copied without written consent. By singing them you may be cleansed, basically, thanks to the power of John the Baptist. They made the big push for this mass adoption. The question remains, why? 285 Hz Healing Regeneration Music Heals Tissues Healing Music, Pt. So why all the games and revisionist agenda? As noted previously, modern day music is tuned to the standard of A (note) = 440 Hz, but many musicians and scientists advocate that it should be A = 432 Hz. – 1-hour blissful 432 Hz healing music – Instant high-quality mp3 download. Later in the 1800's "Si" becomes "Ti" because an English music teacher named Sarah Glover would rather notate it as "D, R, M, F, S, L, S" and doesn't like that there's two S's. It's said that as a monk and music theory master, he saw how hard it was for all his fellow monks to learn the Gregorian chants, so he developed a mnemonic system that goes like this: Put this together with the staff notation, his Guidonian hand system, and this hexachord scale, and it was so clear that this guy was the master that Pope John XIX invited him to the Vatican to discuss it. That's such a vast misunderstanding and simplification of how DNA works that you know we've landed in the realm of magic and fantasy. In short, people feel better when listening to music at this frequency. For instance, there are several sets of stones arranged in circles of a full 360 degrees. Soothing and relaxing music for meditation, relaxation, daydreaming, sleeping, dreaming, massage, spa, stress reliever, healing therapy, and for complete peace of mind.. Solfeggio Music is very effective method for transformation of human body and soul. In fact, 8 Hz is at the root of 432 Hz, literally (in terms of music). The support for these ideas goes back to Cymatics and the structures that are created at the original solfeggio frequencies instead of the new A-440's. For this reason it has been promoted as preferable by physicists like Joseph Felix Savart and Joseph Sauveur, and by scientists like Bartolomeo Grassi Landi. And why aren’t we still using 432 Hz today as our musical tuning standard, instead of the mathematically inconsistent 440 Hz. Included 2 versions! Influences of 432 Hz Music on the Perception of Anxiety during Endodontic Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov 432 Hz has been shown to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. And there's no conspiracy without a motive... Now we are past the back story. You'd probably also enjoy learning about all the musicians that have seen UFO's, Carlos Santana and Metatron, and supposed satanic songs and backmasking. Originally a set of 6 tone scales of Solfeggio frequencies were in use in sacred music. Boom. It works the same way with the original Solfeggio Frequencies, except A wasn't tuned to 440 Hz. I'm personally skeptical. It comes from Guido's frequencies... yet they are supposed to be at least 2000 years older... We know the 7th note was added by Giovanni Battista Doni in the 16th century. Meditation track in 432 Hz, a healing frequency often used in reiki and healing sessions. That’s just 170 miles short of the circumference of the Earth, as measured around the equator. This has been the international standard tuning since the mid-1900s (1). Step 1: Pain & Tension: 174 Hz. More on that here. It's used in the West from elementary school all the way through college to teach which pitches belong to the scales that we currently use. “Music based on 432hz will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The fact is, we know where "Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La" comes from. And the rainbow that completes this picturesque scene has 528 Hz at its heart as well, as it refracts the same greenish-yellow light found in chlorophyll.As Dr. Horowitz has stated:Yes, the air we breathe also contain… The system above is supposedly the oldest, stretching back to even 1000 B.C. Meanwhile, Babylonian accounts place their own history of the flood at 432,000 years. If we multiply the perimeter of the Great Pyramid’s base, which is 3,023.16 feet, by 43,200 and then divide by 5,280 again, we get 24,734.94 miles. You can hear the tracks by clicking on the album cover below: The adventure getting to this point is pretty interesting, even if you don't believe it. Just Industry News, Tips, and Exclusive Deals. Right now in Western music (that even a lot of the Eastern world is beginning to adopt especially with their pop music, which only supports the conspiracy) the standard tuning of instruments is to A-440. As you listen to the healing music wash over you, observe your breath gradually become slower and more relaxed as you drift into a state of quiet meditation. Vibrations of music releases you from the feeling of guilt and fear. We are coaxed into living in and cultivating this slight discord inspired by vibrations that are slightly dissonant to the healing properties of the original frequencies. This frequency cleans the feeling of guilt which often represents one of the basic obstacles to realization. Research published in 2019 found that 432 Hz music reduced heart rate more than 440 Hz music (, A second study found a significant improvement in sleep for patients with disabilities after listening to 432 Hz music (, A third study (in addition to the one mentioned at the beginning of this article) in pre-op dental patients found “The use of music significantly decreased clinical anxiety levels, and the frequency of 432 Hz was effective in decreasing salivary cortisol levels before tooth extraction” (. That’s why A at 432 Hz is referred to as “scientific tuning”, because the math is more precise. We thought there was something wrong with the CymaScope, but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz.”. This ratio is represented by the Greek letter phi or ϕ. Phi and the golden ratio are found all throughout nature, art, architecture, and music and are known for being aesthetically pleasing. No Spam. The conspiracy crowd could really be on to something, even if they ended up drawing the wrong conclusions. Nikola Tesla 369 Code Healing Music with 432 Hz Tuning and Sub Bass Pulsation. This number will be important to the relation between Stone Henge and 432. This is why people are being skeptical about the whole thing. Nikola Tesla tells us, and I quote: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.". That is why the practice. John Stuart Reid had this to say about his experiments: 432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it. Here you can find powerful self-help hypnosis […] We've been trained to enjoy the slightly off-kilter A-440 tuning, and the slight shift is unnoticeable to our ears, but it wreaks havoc on our minds and bodies. He has released 4 independent albums and merchandise to global sales. Divide 25,920 by 60 and what do we get? A new class of ambient music that is music for the soul, body and wellbeing, and lifts the Spirit. It's all based on ratios in wavelengths to produce harmonics, whether that be the golden ratio, Pi, etc. That's why this is a conspiracy. We end up with this twisted translation to fit the narrative: Do let our voicesResonate most purely,Miracles telling,Far greater than many;So let our tongues beLavish in your praises,Saint John the Baptist. This makes it the best precessional timekeeper of all the planets. This soothing of the nerves led to an improvement in associated vital signs, including lower systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate (2). As a brain wave frequency, 8 Hz is the straddle between the Alpha and Theta frequency ranges, and is realized during meditation (a state of being calm and present), Tai Chi, and when the two hemispheres of our brain are working at peak synchronization. This is how "Sol" becomes "So" and "Si" was added, where "John" is originally "Iohannes.". Read more Listen at low to moderate volume level. Half that number and you get 43,200. Headphones are not required. While the true origin of this 7-note diatonic scale is unknown, the furthest we can trace it back is to the Arabic solmization (same as solfeggio) system and the Hindustani and Carnatic classical styles from India. Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432 Hz would fill you with sense of peace and well being as 432 Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature. 2. Math scientist Victor Showell describes 528 as fundamental to the ancient Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean evident throughout natural design. That they were off by just a fraction of a percent is nothing short of incredible. The magic number everybody is talking about. Because in 1952, the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the electromagnetic waves that exist in the space between Earth’s surface and its ionosphere resonate at a frequency between 7.86 and 8 Hz. It transpires that the additional 8 Hz difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz is a lot more significant than it would seem at first glance. He was literally that good and legend lifts him even higher. He has also mixed, mastered, & recorded for countless independent artists. Divide 25,920 by 6 and we have 4,320. He noticed this Latin hymn called Ut queant laxis featured phrases that each began on the six notes in order. Share this with your music buddies using the social media buttons below and let them get a kick out of the solfeggio frequencies and specifically 528 Hz too! Relaxation music can also be used as Spa music and Massage music. The dimensions of the Pyramids of Giza and the dimensions of earth are connected at a scale of 1:43,200. The basics are that Pythagoras figured out the math behind consonance and dissonance in chords and how the scales are built. So the question becomes why and what happened? Manifest miracles healing music for the mind, body and spirit. The structures that form in the standing waves tuned to A-440 are less symmetric and less stable. We know the universe likes symmetry and simplicity. Yet, when we change our tuning to 432 Hz, though it’s only a difference of 8 cycles per second, there’s a noticeable shift in our physical disposition. I consider it "infotainment." I could see this being great for meditation. This same effect happens to our bodies and minds. In musical terms its benefits have been championed by the likes of ancient Egyptians, Mozart, Verdi, and Tibetan monks. More support comes from the nice evenly rounded numbers attached to the original frequencies, versus the current notes: Solfeggio Freq. Fulcanelli, the French alchemist and author of Le Mystère des Cathédrales, noted 432’s significance in relation to 25,920 in the orbit of Saturn: Saturn, because it is at the greatest distance from the sun of all the visible planets, has the longest ‘year’, taking a little less than 30 years to complete one circuit of the zodiac. Disregarding this claim as hearsay, there is reputable evidence in the scientific literature of the benefits of 432 Hz: These studies all report the same trend: a reduction in anxiety and physiological changes in heart rate and blood pressure. I don't really care if it's true or not, it's just fun and interesting. A440 Pitch Standard – Wikipedia We'll look at more examples of medical research later on, but first let's decode this frequency and understand it's significance in music and the wider world. Just that the solfeggio notation was. Now, keep in mind that the radius and circumference of Earth, as we know it today, is based on the most advanced methods of measurement that we have, whereas the Pyramids were built thousands of years ago. Either way, if it's true as the conspiracy claims it's pretty interesting. 432 Hz is commonly used in music therapy to reduce stress and anxiety and bring down heart rate and blood pressure. If 432 Hz music can have that effect on people during dental surgery, imagine how it could help us in everyday life. FREE 528 Hz Music - Stream & Download - 528 Hz Music embedding Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones. It's an interesting trip of musical education with large bent of paranoia and new age thinking. This is where the syllables are derived from, as seen here: The Latin stanza can be stylized like so, which highlights where the solfeggio frequencies come from: Ut queant laxisResonare fibris,Mira gestorumFamuli tuorum,Solve pollutiLabii reatum, Sancte Iohannes. I hope you had as much fun as I did learning about it! Healing Solfeggio 432hz Music For Profound Meditation. Step 2: Energy, Safety & Survival: 285 Hz Jared has surpassed his 20th year in the music industry. Usually, the reference tone of tuning is 440 Hz, and this is the international standard frequency (we refer to this as 440 What researchers and theorists into this supposed conspiracy say is that the entire point of discrediting and shifting the system away from Guido of Arezzo's system is to distract and ultimately render it forgotten. 417 Hz Healing Music for Sacral Chakra & Cleansing Negative Energy. 285Hz + 963 Hz Frequency Music. Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih .gov With C at 256 Hz, we find A at 432 Hz, also known as “Verdi’s A”, which we explore in greater detail here. But then we have this guy Guido of Arezzo who lived from circa 990 A.D. to 1030 A.D. They have analogies to the Hindu chakra system, Freudian defense mechanisms, the Devil's Tone from medieval times, and on and on. The music is cool though. Instead of tuning forks, you can rock out to the album where each track is tuned to a different frequency. So basically, the people developing this conspiracy claim that those in power are trying to revise history to discredit the original solfeggio frequencies, and there's a reason: they hold spiritual and metaphysical power. The lowest tone, and one of the last 3 solfeggio frequencies to be identified, 174 Hz is influential in emotional and physical healing. That’s just 11 miles short of the radius of the earth, as measured between its poles, of 3,949. It helps in healing and regenerating tissues; Rapid healings of burns, fracture, sprain, cuts and other injuries. Solfège (or Solfeggio) is the classic educational method all of us were exposed to growing up. 432 Hz music is said to resonate inside the body, releasing emotional blockages and aligning you with the heartbeat of the universe. 8 Hz is commonly known as “the heartbeat of the planet. 417 Hz Frequency is also associated with Sacral Chakra and cleansing the negative energy in and around us. All Rights Reserved. So the idea is that music has been militarized and weaponized as a psychological and physical assault against the population. Saturn completes one precessional Great Year of 25,920 years every 864 of its ‘years’. The question is not should you listen to 432 Hz music, but why wouldn't you? While you can extend the scale on up through the frequency range and down towards the bass end, the properties remain the same just in different octaves. Serotonin Release Music with Alpha Waves – 10 Hz Binaural Beats, Healing Music, Happiness Frequency. In addition to the linked names of cited experts and historical persons of interest, there are linked parentheses in the article. 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is the Love Frequency for transformation & miracles. (528 Hz) has lately attracted attention as “healing” music. – 1-hour of 174 Hz music for healing & pain relief – Instant high-quality mp3 download. It’s sometimes called the Great Precessional Year or a Platonic Year. In other words, a / b is equal to a + b / a. Here's the deal, we would spend all day explaining how new agers have been playing connect the dots with this whole solfeggio thing. But all of this begs the question: If A-440 is destructive, then A-444 is constructive and conducive, but conducive to what? 8 Hz continues to provide examples of influence around the world. Again, 432. He acts as owner, editor, lead author, and web designer of LedgerNote, as well as co-author on all articles. Buy 432 Hz Healing Meditation by MuonMusic on AudioJungle.

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